Who I Am

My name is Mona el Jamal.
I  am an  interior designer,painter and a jewelry designer. I am also a certified teacher of art and design.

Because of my great passion for painting and jewelry design, my primary education got a smaller and smaller role in my life.
I mainly work with semi precious stones and developed a style in my compositions that reflect for a large part the lebanese culture and traditions. This also reflects in my paintings. I have done realism in paintings but I prefer expressionism and mixed media.

Over time these pieces each aquired a more clear storyline to it, in which feelings play an increasingly bigger role, and attributed to a more modern style in jewelry and painting, especially mixed media.
Due to the growing interest for these designs, first by friends and family, and later by a wider audience, I was asked to join a permanent exhibition in espace SD (Lebanon) to make my work more accessible.
Up until now I’m still a dedicated designer of unique and hand crafted jewelry and paintings.
I have been published in various art magazines and have been invited a couple of times for an interview.

Next to designing for myself I have done some workshops, so that others can develop themselves in jewelry design. In my exhibitions I try to sell these items for them.

On the professional side, I am a certified teacher and taught younger and older students in crafts and art on various levels.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do myself, and thank you for visiting my site!
Feel free to ask my any question through the contact page.

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